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“Dan connects with audiences on all levels, engaging their hearts and minds, with a relevant message that resonates beyond the stage, delivering tangible takeaways that are easy to implement and produce sustainable results.”
-Charles Adelman, Thomson Reuters Elite Global Conferences
Cultivate Leaders Within Your Organization!
Dan Clark is the global leader of the Significant Movement, revolutionizing how we lead, attract, motivate, and retain our best employees and customers. Through simple strategies, customized learning moments, and inspiring examples, he unlocks an individual's potential, accelerates self-awareness, re-ignites and refines who you are and why you do and ultimately transforms an organization's culture.
Dan In The Press

Author And Hall Of Famer Dan Clark On Significance (How To Get It And Why It Matters So Much)

Significance is an outcome that matters to everyone. Whether it is intentional or accidental, a person’s significance is tied to the fundamental “why” that should define every entrepreneur’s participation in the press, as well as their life and existence. With this foundation in place, significance is a natural occurrence. Interestingly and even ironically for those who work with the press, when the truth of a person or company is evident, there is a much smaller need to seek coverage at all." READ MORE

12 Things People Do To Achieve A Level Beyond Traditional Success

"Dan Clark believes that traditional success is meaningless in the face of the bigger achievement--significance--which he maintains is possible by using the 12 Highest Universal Laws of Life Changing Leadership he describes in his book. In all, you should make the Higher Laws your guiding foundation. Perhaps you can focus on one of the 12 every day as you move toward a life and career that surpasses your current goals for success." READ MORE

Dan Clark: Bringing His Message Home

"He’s written and contributed to 34 books, been a New York Times best-selling author with his own book, and spoken to over four million people at 4,500 appearances. He’s given addresses in all 50 states, 54 countries, and on six continents. He’s inspired U.S. servicemen on trips to Afghanistan and Iraq, written a country song for which he received a Gold Album, wrote a novel that was made into a movie starring Jack Lemmon, and rubbed shoulders with governmental leaders from across the globe. He’s even soared to the edge of the atmosphere in a U2 reconnaissance spy plane..." READ MORE
See Why People Love Dan Clark
"Dan Clark is the Master Motivator - he's funny, he's inspirational, he's everything, and he's changing the world one story at a time!"
Larry King, CNN
TV and Radio Host
"Every time we've shared the stage, it is his devotion to service & unwavering belief in the value of putting others before ourselves."
Simon Sinek
TED Speaker, Best-selling Author
"Dan is the world's greatest storyteller. His delivery is unrivaled. His character is unimpeachable. Dan should be your first call."
Devin Thorpe
Award Winning Journalist
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 Dan motivates leaders with both strategy and inspiration. Your organization will learn how to create and sustain 
Significant Partner Leaders that will:

• Expand their innovation and earn customers for life.
• Improve corporate culture
• Increase productivity 
A Speaker That Will Impact Your 
Organization For Years
Known as the ‘Master Storyteller’ and ‘Consummate Customizer,’ Dan always combines your meeting theme with his quick wit, proven processes and inspirational tales to deliver an entertaining, thought provoking, emotionally stirring experience, so your people leave with:
  •  A clearer sense of purpose
  •  A greater sense of urgency
  •  A deeper sense of connection
  •  A higher level of trust and loyalty
  •  A burning desire to do more than they're expected to do
  •  Equipped with the tools to take themselves to the next level and execute as a high performing team!
As a Hall of Fame professional speaker and 30-year veteran in the speaking business, Dan has the rare ability to electrify an audience yet deliver uncommonly original and useful insights that lead to individuals doing their best work, teams providing superb results and organizations becoming unbeatable.
Dan’s positive approach to life’s challenges resonate with his audiences, as he re-aligns their mindsets, teaching: How many times have we had something go drastically wrong in our personal lives or something devastating has happened to our organizations, and we claim: “I hit rock bottom.” No. We didn’t hit rock bottom! We hit “Rock Foundation and Rock Belief.” We hit our baseline “Core Values” and bottom line ‘Governing Principles” on which we were raised and on which our organizations have been built!

Dan’s time-tested formula for achieving this level beyond success comes from his best selling book, The Art of Significance, where he turned A.R.T. into an acronym to take your people on a three-step journey through:
  •  AWARENESS - of how to develop and increase self-awareness of your reactions, habits and thoughts
  •  REFINEMENT - of who they are and why they do what they do
  •  TRANSFORMATION - into who they need to be, ultimately transforming an organization’s culture
A Hall of Fame speaker, Dan has worked with 200 of the Fortune 500 companies, Super Bowl Champions, National Trade Associations, and Government Agencies. Since 1982, Dan has delivered 5500 speeches, in all 50 states and 61 countries.
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